Who dis?

Mastering my craft, one day at a time.

Up until 2019 & my admission to the VCU Brandcenter, I'd lived my life as a sort of 'closeted creative' - always itching to create things, but stuck in a more 'traditional' career path (first Engineering, then as a Manager in an Amazon warehouse). What about now, you ask?

Well, I love to use motion & 3D to solve problems and create memorable experiences. Send me a note via email - I'd love to get in touch!

What I'm Into

Most of these are constant and have played a role in shaping who I am today.

Live music (in general)

Electronic music


Being outside

3D art

Kanye (permission to eye-roll)


The South Carolina Gamecocks

Sketch comedy

Trying new foods


Nature observation

Concert visuals

College football


Connecting with new & different humans

The beach