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Duolingo Perch

An immersive user-to-user language learning experience that simulates real-life interaction.



My Role(s)

3D Modeling
Motion Design

Project Type

8 weeks
Team Project


Our team was tasked with getting Duolingo into the hands of more 16-22 year olds (Gen Z-ers). With this generation being so focused on understanding one another and cultures different from their own, we set out to deliver a more personable and socially immersive language-learning experience for Duolingo.

The Perch Virtual World

Sports Complex

Users can build their interactions with each other around different sports that suit their interests.

The Perch Pool

The pool area provides a relaxing setting for users to engage in conversational language learning.

Music Stage

Jam out with Duo at the music stage.

Firepit Area

Get cozy while you learn a new language with your virtual pals.