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Gucci Ranger

How might we forge a meaningful joint venture between Gucci and the National Parks Service?


The National Parks System

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3D Modeling
UX/Brand Strategy

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Case Study


The Gucci Ranger stands to protect our right to dream, explore, and imagine in the very places that allow us to do so - the National Parks. The outdoors is much more than a beautiful photo, or a nice view out of a car window; it’s an essential part of who we are. That’s why we must each strive to act as the Park Rangers do to help protect the natural and cultural resources of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of all.

proudly present:

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Out of Home Teasers

Campaign Teasers. Click through carousel below to view all 3.

Park Pods

Gucci is continuing to solidify their ongoing commitment to the planet through their latest partnership with the National Park Service, and is taking this commitment across the country with their “Park Pods” pop-up experiences to benefit the parks and release a new, exclusive line.

The Park Pods will be taking temporary residence in NYC, PHIL, ATL, CHI, Washington D.C., and LA to give city-dwellers a fully-immersive experience and transport them to the National Parks in their 360 degree screened pods. The cost of all tickets, which can be purchased through the Gucci or NPS websites, will help the National Parks Service with backlogged maintenance and conservation efforts. Visitors can expect to see breathtaking stories of the parks, get exclusive access to the new fashion line and leave with special takeaways courtesy of Gucci.

Street View

The Park Pod (shown here in LA) gives city-dwellers a fully-immersive experience of the National Parks in its 360-degree screened dome observatory.

Rooftop Ranger Lounge

After perusing the merch store and experiencing the wonder of the National Parks in the pod downstairs, ticket-holders are encouraged to unwind and enjoy a cocktail in the rooftop lounge area.

Ranger Merch Store

Get exclusive access to the new fashion line (made with 100% recycled materials collected from the National Parks).

Inside the Park (Pod)

Experience all the awe-inspiring wonder of the National Parks in the fully-immersive 360 degree screened pod.

In the Press

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (In a USA Today article).

Ranger Nature Journal
Given as a memento for pod-goers to use in their NPS adventures.
Pod Video Experience
As seen on the 360-degree screen inside the pod.

Ranger Waiting Room

Zoom plug-in that enables you to test out your computer's audio using the sounds of nature.

Gucci Ranger Collection

This new line, named Gucci Ranger, was inspired by the stewards of our most precious sites; and is made with recycled trash and debris from the parks -- organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials. 100% of proceeds go to funding the backlogged maintenance and preservation of the National Park System.



Artist Residency

The artist residency is a chance for those engaged with the Gucci brand to see first-hand how nature can provide artistic inspiration.

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App Extension User Flow
Check out this USA Today article announcing the launch of Gucci Ranger!
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Pod Layout
Product Design

The Process

A Look Under the Hood

This Venn diagram illustrates the positioning of each party and some of the factors we considered when designing this joint partnership. For a look at the full process behind this project, click here to view page 2.

Thanks for Reading

Final thoughts

Trying to find common ground between Gucci and NPS proved challenging in the first half of this project's timeline, with the end goal of making the partnership make sense. The whole process was an exercise in one of Jeff Bezos' core leadership principles, "Disagree and Commit". Although I had skepticism about certain project aspects, I trusted my talented teammates enough that the end result proved very rewarding.

The Team

  • Ali Wiener, ST
  • Shannon Gerety, ST
  • Alex Reid, CBM
  • Mackenzie Thomas, CW
  • Jade Giddens, AD
  • Emily Riggan, XD