Strategy + Background

Additional Executions

Gucci Ranger Collection

The new collection is made with 100% recycled materials collected from the National Parks, including plastic bottles.

Animal Crossing Integration

"Be the ranger of your island and unlock conversations about the National Parks with our new line on Animal Crossing!"

The Gucci Ranger microsite functions as a resource guide, offering links to visit, donate, volunteer and/or advocate for the National Parks. It also contains info about & links to all of the various integrations of the Gucci Ranger campaign.

Artist Residency

The Gucci Ranger Residency program offers artists and designers the opportunity to live and work at the front line of ultimate inspiration; The National Parks. Each artists is given residency at a park for 6-8 weeks, where they will live in our specifically structured nature homes to create and inspire. Our Rangers will be featured and streamed across our social media platforms to document their journey first-hand. Join us as we take a look behind the scenes at each individual's unique creative process and how the parks inspire us all.