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PAH Rebrand

We revamped the brand identity of a local business and then installed it across all mediums.


Professional Art Handling

My Role(s)

Web Design
Art Direction
Competitive Analysis

Project Type

Live Client


How can an in-person service expand its reach and retain its customers during COVID-19? By revamping its brand identity to tell a more authentic story and stand-out from the competition. After crafting the identity, our team brought it to life on social media, print, and an entirely new website.

Brand Refresh


Logo Redesign

The updated logo's clean lines and use of negative space highlight the company’s professionalism and commitment to presentation, while the unique arrangement of the letters and rounded edges add character and personality.




Color Palette

The black and white maintain the respectful and pristine qualities that the brand has established, and subtle touches of red represent the energy and passion that the company is proud to have for their work.


Refined Brand Voice

The updated voice representing the new PAH brand.


Website Redesign

Results of redesign:

  • Site sessions increased 121.21%
  • Unique visitors increased 125.81%
  • Active leads increased 450%

OLD Website


“Every time we look at the website we are reminded of your great individual presentations and efforts to make the PAH brand come to life. We are so thankful for your time and energy. It was a lot of fun and we are loving the results.”

The Team

Chelsie Kelly, CW

Evan Shisler, CW

Chris Cole, AD

David Ligon, AD

Sheila Villalobos, ST

Payal Pereira, ST

Emilee Lampert, CBM